AIS Ship Maps By Regions

Use our selection of maps to track the positions of ships in a given region. The main difference between these AIS maps from the "main" ship map on our homepage is the predefined coordinates of the map center.

If you had to track ships in a particular region, you probably encountered that after reloading the page, the center of the map was reset. Now you don’t have to scroll a map to the region you are interested in, because when you revisit the site, the required AIS map will still show the specified area. We have also adjusted the scale of each individual map for your convenience.

35 maps added so far

  1. Aegean Sea
  2. Arabian Sea
  3. Australia
  4. Baltic Sea
  5. Bay of Bengal
  6. Black Sea
  7. Caribbean Sea
  8. East Africa
  9. East China Sea
  10. Gulf of Aden
  11. Gulf of Guinea
  12. Gulf of Mexico
  13. Indian Ocean
  14. Kerch Strait
  15. Mediterranean Sea
  16. New Zealand
  17. North America (East Coast)
  18. North America (West Coast)
  19. North Atlantic Ocean
  20. North Pacific Ocean
  21. North Sea
  22. Panama Canal
  23. Persian Gulf
  24. Philippine Sea
  25. Red Sea
  26. Sea of Azov
  27. Sea of Japan
  28. Sea of Okhotsk
  29. South Africa
  30. South Asia
  31. South Atlantic Ocean
  32. South China Sea
  33. South Pacific Ocean
  34. West Africa
  35. Yellow Sea

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